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Memory Cards in Marin

I've had two memory cards this AM where the pollworker called in and indicated that the printer never printed and the LCD display showed "Election Marin" when it should have generated a report.  Having never seen this I was skeptical.  So when the memory card was replaced and the original returned to the County, I replicated their description perfectly.  It doesn't print, but displays "election marin" at startup.  
So I went in to change setup parameters of reports to builtin printer, thinking it was set to LCD.  Even so it still ends up with "election marin" on LCD.
There are definately weird things going on with memory cards or AccuVote interaction with memory cards causing the symptom to be "please reinsert" or other strange displays.
Suggestion: Rather than hoping that pollworkers and rovers who know very little to report all the necessary pieces of information that we'd like, could Global instead have Guy attend one of these primary elections where we've got 100+ AccuVotes in the field for the first time.  With the number of units affected in Fresno or Marin we would have a veritable host of information for him. 
Guy do you want this "election marin" memory card sent to you?  Bonnie, could you please fax to my ofc the form to send an international fed exp?