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Re: Extra Message in Memory Cards

John McLaurin Earthlink wrote:
The memory cards in question were supplied out of McKinney with the original delivery of equipment - famous names ballots & memory cards as a supply starter kit.I have no idea what is on the cards as far as the release info, abo, etc..Is that something printed on the label?I don’t see it on my own units.How would I know or find out?
  There is no .abo identification printed on the label or reports.  The only way to be sure is to know what was downloaded.

  Of course if someone wanted report version information printed, that could be coded into the Accu-Basic programs.  For the shared programs, i.e. 194us.abo, we would all have to agree on what to print where.  Suggestions?

Second, all but one of these accounts have “w” firmware installed, the remainder has “O”. Will this “additional message” show up on election day on the “w” firmware units (in that they are post “R”) if they do not press NO regarding your release notes?
IF SO, when ‘w’ is shipped out to accounts, is this release note sent along in order to alert jurisdictions to change there poll worker instructions accordingly.
Finally, am I correct in concluding that this additional message is 100% a product of firmware not memory card programming?
  Actually all messages between (but not including) "GENERATING REPORT..." and "READY TO TURN UNIT OFF?" are generated by the .abo report program.  Thus they have nothing to do with the firmware release and are 100% a product of the memory card programming.

Steve Knecht wrote:

I think the AccuVote must know if the printout occured or not and trys to print it again if it didn't print.  Is this the case guy??
  If I understand you correctly then yes, this is the case for 1.94w but not for 1.94o.

  Let me rephrase by saying that the Accu-Vote cannot know by itself whether or not a report has printed successfully.  It can't even know if there is paper or ribbon in the printer.  So, to meet the required report requirement, the .abo programs are designed to quit and return control to the firmware only when the operator has chosen to not print another copy.  When the report program returns, the firmware assumes that the operator has confirmed that the report has been successfully printed and so it displays the "READY TO TURN UNIT OFF?" prompt.

I don't particularly think that is the design we want however.  If you turned unit off prior to the report being printed, its because you don't want to print the report and can always ask for it if you do.
  Unfortunately there are a few election officials that feel that we must require that the election reports be printed.  If you don't want them printed, then turn the unit off when it starts printing and then press NO to the prompt "REPRINT ELECTION RESULTS REPORT?" in the post-election mode.  Either this or direct the results reports to the NULL device in setup mode (this is Greg's favorite).