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Re: Florida Certified Versions

Hernando's original database installed with Gunzip shows 1.92-09.  Their copy has 1.92-14.  It appears  that when the database is gunzipped from the original diskette it carries the version from the source.  When a copy is made on the customer's computer the version relates to the version the customer's computer programmed for.
Solution might be to make the copy the official database showing the correct version.  Comments ..... 
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Subject: Florida Certified Versions

Just received a call from Beverly Hill, Alachua County.  She has a survey form from the state regarding versions and things.  She is at the SA screen and the version is 1.92-15. 
Saturday, Feb. 12 she created a screen test database.  This copy has 1.92-14.
1.92-14 is certified, 1.92-15 is not.   SOLUTION REQUIRED!

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