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Re: Fresno Modems

Steve, does this fall into the vein of modems not hanging up in Chelan and Humboldt Counties ie. having to power the AccuVote off at the end of the upload in order to terminate the phone call?
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Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2000 7:21 AM
Subject: Fresno Modems

Regarding Fresno's modem difficulties. When you are calling Fresno this AM.  Some thoughts,
1. I seem to remember that Tab or someone indicated that a rev. of 1.14 changed the handling of the modem signals within GEMS. I've asked for someone to resend email on this.  A call to Tab could help.  Maybe their digi modems are senstive to the GEMS changes.
2. They will see if there is a "timeout" difference between 32kb and 128kb cards, uploads are taking up to
  1.5 minutes. I will try Marin's modems and see if timeout on 128kb cards occurs.  I'll also see if other
  have experienced this or attempted uploads yet. 
I'll call you after my tests.  Please let me know via email what's happening.