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Need help ASAPDisappearing Logos on ballot

Election created in GEMS-1-15-2

Database created on one computer and transferred to another.
Customer changed order of candidates on ballot.

Changed order on ballot on laptop.  Logos disappeared when trying to

Logos were in main header when originally created but did not transfer when
database copied onto laptop.

Customer waiting to print.  Don and I have to drive 5 hours from Valdosta to
Atlanta (Cobb County and finish printer plus training)

I will include ballot and candidate order list as an attachment.  Need to
redo ballot with new order and email to customer using Scitex Dolev driver
and .prn as well as separate ovals and thick ovals.

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Title: RE: Accu-Vote testing for the Co-op

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Subject: Accu-Vote testing for the Co-op

Hi Craig

Are you having any joy with the system.  If not call me on my cell at 416
464-3736 or email with the problem



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