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MN firmware changes needed for absentee ballots

Please provide an update to the firmware enhancements required to provide the tabulation requirements regarding absentee ballots for the Minnesota customers. 
We have previously described the ability to allow the customer to insert regular, absentee, federal absentee and fed/state absentee ballots at any time during the day.  Regular absentee ballots are a clone of the election day ballots.  Both election day and regular absentee ballots would be precinct ID'd.  The federal and fed/state ballots would be countywide. 
At close the AV should provide the total voted by each of the four ballot types.  Anoka County presently recaps the totals manually.  The other customers, formally BRC users, are used to the system providing this level of functionality automatically.
Global agreed to provide this feature earlier last year.
The date for testing would be no later than MAY as ballots will be generated in July for the September primary.