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RE: VIBS and 1.44MB floppies

Hi all,
Just a suggestion...
Why not use a text to speach engine to do this unless we choose not to use the text to speach (TTS) mode. 
Good question.  There are several reasons:
  • It would require a TTS system be licensed installed on every VIBS unit. 
  • No TTS system we choose will ever handle all our language requirements (read, Mandarin). 
  • Names (esp. surnames) cannot in general be translated.
  • Tracking which text is TTS and which is recorded adds complexity for both the user and the software.
  • TTS systems are big and nonportable, and therefore unlikely to run in an embedded environment. (this one is the clincher).
Having said all that, there is no reason why a GEMS user couldn't use a TTS system on the host to generate the audio files.  We'll see what we can do to accommodate an "import" button on the record audio dialog to allow importing audio generated with TTS or other external sources.  You can always just hook up an audio loopback as well.