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Re: VIBS and 1.44MB floppies

Hi all,
Just a suggestion...
Why not use a text to speach engine to do this unless we choose not to use the text to speach (TTS) mode.
That way we would only have to do voice files for unique and or dificult names. During our past experiance with I-mark system the major complaint was that the voice quality was poor, it had very few controls for voice type, speed, gender, and languge support.  But it did do the basic english TTS part well. It had difficulty with name pronaunciation mostly in spanish, but I feel that that was largly do to the specific TTS engine we were using at the time. TTS has come a long way since then and has been endorsed by a great number of visually impared organization around the world.
Again, just food for thought...
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 4:44 PM
Subject: VIBS and 1.44MB floppies

The AVTS rewrite last year eliminated need to store bloated .mdb files on the floppy media, meaning normal 1.44MB disks (and drives) could be used instead of the 120MB superdisks.  This also meant 10kb .dbf files could be emailed to-and-fro instead of 50Mb .mdb files.  There was much rejoicing.
Enter VIBS.  Now audio tracks are stored for each race and candidate, and although compressed, 1.44 does not buy you a lot of audio.
Conclusion:  make sure you are using superdisks and superdrives in VIBS units.