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Re: Puerto Rico - Gems - Reporting

King does 2,700 reporting precincts, so that's not an issue.  What do you
mean they are all Central count?  No polling places??
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Subject: Puerto Rico - Gems - Reporting

> In Puerto Rico they have 14 Regions, with a breakdown of around 5 to 10
> Precincts - (Precintos), and within those Precincts a breakdown of
> from 1 to 43 units -  (Unidades).  Example:  REGION SAN JUAN - SAN JUAN
> - UNIT 1-33, REGION SAN JUAN - SAN JUAN 002 - UNIT 1-37, etc, etc.  Then
> comes then next Region.  They wish to report as low as the units, so I am
> assuming that I would set up the database to have the units as the
> Reporting Precincts, and then if they want to have totals by Regions, I
> set up the Districts to do this.  Would this be the correct way to set
> up???  It would end up being 1683 Reporting Precincts and we will be
> counting all of these Reporting Precincts on Central Count.  Does anyone
> see a problem with this???
> Jeff Hintz
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