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Puerto Rico - Gems - Reporting

In Puerto Rico they have 14 Regions, with a breakdown of around 5 to 10 
Precincts - (Precintos), and within those Precincts a breakdown of anywhere 
from 1 to 43 units -  (Unidades).  Example:  REGION SAN JUAN - SAN JUAN 001 
- UNIT 1-33, REGION SAN JUAN - SAN JUAN 002 - UNIT 1-37, etc, etc.  Then 
comes then next Region.  They wish to report as low as the units, so I am 
assuming that I would set up the database to have the units as the 
Reporting Precincts, and then if they want to have totals by Regions, I can 
set up the Districts to do this.  Would this be the correct way to set this 
up???  It would end up being 1683 Reporting Precincts and we will be 
counting all of these Reporting Precincts on Central Count.  Does anyone 
see a problem with this???

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems