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RE: Anchorage questions about shadow/shadowed functionality

These are the items from Anchorage's letter (text of the letter in red) which need to be addressed:
Non-service area: Means…..nothing in particular.  I created this district in the database in order to generate some different ballot styles.  It is meant to be some mythical district which is    completely outside of the service area.
Vote tallies for the shadow race or proposition are jurisdiction wide/areawide and include the subset tally of votes in the shadowed race. No.  Vote tallies for the shadow race are for the jurisdiction wide/areawide district only and contain no subsets.  The shadowed race is the "subset", if you will.  It shows the vote tallies for the service area only.
If we've interpreted the definitions correctly and made the right assumptions, it appears you've accommodated the "vote once count twice concept".  They have, and we have, and thank you, Ken.
Is there a limit to the number of shadow/shadowed races or propositions that can be assigned within a precinctNo.
What is the purpose of the non-service area categorySee above.
Database #1 created two ballot styles until "printed with precinct ID's" which then doubled the number of ballot styles generated. Is that a manual process or is it controlled through the assignment of base precinct identifiersIt is controlled by GEMS in the Print Artwork dialogue box.  There is a check box which allows ballots to be printed "By Precincts".
When Vickie and I were in McKinney for training last January, we identified all base precincts for the 114 precincts in Anchorage. I think Tyler kept a disk and gave us a copy too. Would it be possible to run that set up with the enhanced software and send us a copy of the resulting base precinct report? If the report can be run, will it show which service area propositions would be shadowed within the precinctsThe base precincts won't change because we can now create shadow/shadowed races.  The creation of this functionality has no effect upon the district/precinct structure.  "Service area propositions" are, by definition, races.  Anchorage's reporting requirements are fulfilled by the enhanced software.
Every other item listed on their letter is correct as stated.