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RE: Letter from Anchorage RE questions about shadow/shadowed functionality

January 6, 2000 

I am sure a sales person told me that if this was not installed by Dec 31 1999 the deal was off.  Why are we still talking about this?

My staff and I have reviewed your letter. We think we understand but aren't sure. So, I'm going to try to put in words what we think it means using terms we commonly use for our elections. Let me know if we've misunderstood.

1. Definitions: 

Sounds like they get it.

2. Understanding of Mechanics: 

GEMS doesn't have any moving parts (and we don't have a mechanical engineer on staff; just one civil), but again it sounds like they understand how GEMS works.

However, we have a few questions left. 

Don't they always... 

1. Is there a limit to the number of shadow/shadowed races or propositions that can be assigned within a precinct? At this point, we have one precinct in which there are seven base precincts and at least five of these would involve shadow propositions. 


2. What is the purpose of the non-service area category? 

This is the group of voters that are not in the service area (they were doing so well up 'til now...). 

3. Database #1 created two ballot styles until "printed with precinct ID's" which then doubled the number of ballot styles generated. Is that a manual process or is it controlled through the assignment of base precinct identifiers? 

To be specific, it is an automatic process that is controlled though the assignment of card identifiers.

4. When Vickie and I were in McKinney for training last January, we identified all base precincts for the 114 precincts in Anchorage. I think Tyler kept a disk and gave us a copy too. Would it be possible to run that set up with the enhanced software and send us a copy of the resulting base precinct report? If the report can be run, will it show which service area propositions would be shadowed within the precincts? 

If the disk still exists, it would be possible.

On another note, I would like to thank you and the staff at Global for your efforts to make it possible for Anchorage to use your product.  

You're welcome.