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Re: Georgia County VTS installs

Larry & Mike
It is essential that the VTS printer is installed.  The installation takes place in scoadmin after a mkdev parallel function in root. In Printer Manager, name printer vts and choose /dev/lp.  Make vts the default printer.  In the advanced menu change banner to 0.  Total time to perform if procedure know - 1 minute.  Call Nel for clarification, I did.
Customers want to display election results.  VTS uses kermit for this function.  Kermit not found in new Florida installations.  Contact Nel for proper installation.
Pound (#) shows up as the root prompt instead of the proper file name.  This is important to verify working in the correct file.  CTRL N and CTRL P should function at the root prompt but do not.  After receiving list of instructions from support (Nel or Tari) it is extremely useful to use the CTRL P function at the root prompt to record the procedure instead of taking the time to write it down while on the phone and key instructions at the same time.  You need one hand for the phone, one to key in the instructions and one to write the instruction down or key in the instruction, complete the process and hang up, then CTRL P to go back and record each instruction.
Customers and support staff receive databases in gunzip format instead of simple backup and restore available on VTS main menu.  150 precincts in Brevard took two diskettes instead of one, but the customer can do it easily.  Alachua required one for 51 precincts.  Please keep the process simple and use the backup / restore functions for both the rooky support staff and the new (and old) customers. 
Florida customers very excited about having the precinct number as part of the SOVC.  The only way it will appear is if it is the prefix (first part) of the precinct label, every label, especially the header precinct when precinct splits occur.  From what I hear, this should be a standard in Florida and perhaps in Georgia.  Customers should be asked whether they want this, not told "Well, they didn't ask for it, or put it on their order".  How do they know to ask for it.  We should be pro-active and suggest rather than blaming new customers for not ordering things they know nothing about.  Brevard have to edit 151 precincts, clear and reload 151 memory cards.  Second time user.  Will probably have to do the same in Hernando, Alachua caught in time.  Others should be checked now rather than wait for complaints! 
Spent half an hour with customer "helping" in Brevard installing sixteen ports in the porttab menu.  Guy informed me that entering yy at any point on a line then touch p as many time as required for each port line eliminates the typing effort in vi.  Then go back and edit each line for the sixteen ports.  Put the cursor under the character to change and touch r (replace) then enter the correct character.  Touch x to delete each character, i to insert, o to open the next line.  Vi is a wonderful text editor, second only to notepad.  At a root prompt, # if it does not display root, enter man vi for the entire world of vi.
What happened to pgetty?  Does not appear and need it to find out if ports are enabled (talk to support) or disabled (upload and download).  Enabled ports used to upload or download lock up with the comment PER: failed open of port. (corrected by cd /dev -> l tty1a -> chmod 666 /dev/tty1a -> l tty1a).  Please make sure that at any "root prompt" pgetty will work!
Every time a session (Alt f1 - Alt f12) is opened, the user is required to key in ansi after (VT100).  The screens should open properly without this annoyance.
Modems piled four high, one on top of the other look great, especially when not turned on.  Turn them all if you want to fry eggs or just cook the electronics.  Please source out a proper ventilated rack for these USR's.
Other than that it is 10 below in Toronto and a balmy 35 above here in  Florida.  What a country!
Greg and Don Bisz, the "On the Road Again Show"