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Re: Report Failure

  The 1.94w firmware does not keep a checksum on the Accu-Basic report program stored on the memory card.  It sounds like that area has been corrupted on these but without a checksum, the Accu-Vote doesn't recognize the fact and report the error until a report is attempted.  The audit report is generated by programming on the ROMs and therefore is not affected by memory card corruptions.  Memory card duplication will duplicate corrupted data perfectly.

  Treat these like other cases of memory card corruption.  They still have valid election and count data and could continue to be used normally except for printing results and therefore compare to getting a TEXT CHECK ERROR.

  What is causing these and other corruptions is still unresolved and the investigation continues...


BTW: All that I mean by corruption is that data has been changed in an incorrect way.  This does not necessarily indicate a problem with the memory card itself, only with the data stored on it.

These cards are still capable of printing audit reports and performing supervisor functions but are no longer able to print any sort of TOTALS report.

If the offending card is redownloaded it will work reliably.

During one instance Bill Vandenburg of Atkins gave a service call to a precinct which had not created a ZERO TOTALS REPORT. He made a card to card copy and the second card had the same malfunction. The tabulator worked fine after he used a previously programmed spare card.