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Re: Report Failure

I experienced this 2x in Marin County with memory cards during the L&A testing.  To my knowledge it did not occur on election day.  We put each unit into election mode and turned it back on to test and make sure that the card was printing zero report prior to loading into bags for pollworkers.  Its not a fix, but it might help prevent learning about it in the field.  We've now got about 950 1.94w units in California.  If you find out what's happening with this - let us know.  Frank, did you get any of these in Fresno?
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From: Steve Ricke <steve@gesn.com>
To: Support <support@gesn.com>
Date: Thursday, November 18, 1999 3:26 PM
Subject: Report Failure

Atkins Printing Co. has reported a possible anomaly using 1.94w firmware and isolated to the memory cards. Listed are as many initial facts I could gather. More will follow.

When the tabulator is to print a totals report it does not print and the LCD message reads "Report failure Press any key"

This has happened attempting the ZERO TOTALS REPORT on at least two instances.

This has happened attempting the TOTALS REPORT on at least one instance.

This has also happened while trying to print a second TOTALS REPORT.

These cards are still capable of printing audit reports and performing supervisor functions but are no longer able to print any sort of TOTALS report.

If the offending card is redownloaded it will work reliably.

Out of approximately 80 tabulators used during the November 2 election there were 6 reported failures of this type.

Each failure happened while tabulator was in election mode.

Atkins (or myself) has not seen this in earlier firmware levels.

During one instance Bill Vandenburg of Atkins gave a service call to a precinct which had not created a ZERO TOTALS REPORT. He made a card to card copy and the second card had the same malfunction. The tabulator worked fine after he used a previously programmed spare card.

Mr. Vandenburg has retained these cards for our scrutiny.

We will try to duplicate the malfunction here and gather more details from ATKINS.

If anyone else has seen these symptoms please let me know.


Steve R.