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RE: Ballot Layout on AVTS units

> Are we going to have the AVTS system layout ballots similiar to
> paper, ie:
> Front 3 columns & Back 1 column.

Yes.  We also need to support the placement options like next column,
multiple headers per race set, column headers, block width for races and
headers, multiple spacing, draw options, you name it.  The problem is that
the IMARK ballot layout was never designed to handle this, and needs to be

This is also the correct answer to the "AVTS - Issue large than a column or
page" bug you just posted.  The text should not wrap -- it should take
multiple columns.

> Should I make this a RCR or is there something already in place.

It never hurts to file the RCR, but understand that there is a huge list of
features that are implicitly expected from the rewrite.  For example, an
AccuBasic interpreter.  There are no formal RCRs for any of these, but they
are all in the plan.  This isn't really so much a "Request For Change" as a
"Request To Start Over".