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RE: Creating floppies for TS

Do you have to select anything on the touch screen for each download?  If you do, I'd guess you'd have to position each of the units sideways to have access to the touchscreen, and the printer (for labels), and the floppy drive (behind rear door).

Has anybody had experience with this in the field?  Is it manageable or a bear?   

Between the printer and the floppy, its a bear.  The V5 unit has the PC-Card slot on the side and the printer on the top.  For the current unit it is doable but not pleasent.

How many can you set up (practically)? 

There aren't any technical limitations.  I have no idea what the logistical limit is.  If we sell an account the size of King you are talking about 4000 memory cards for TS.  At around one minute per card sustained, it would take 10 units to get the job done in one day. 

I used to think managing numbers like that was impossible, but King has 4000 card styles and 15 central count feeders.  This is not very different.