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RE: Creating floppies for TS

Why did the person who thought to get this label printer never follow up on the order  
The person ordered the label maker on Sept 3.  He followed up Sept 15.
 for it when it appears it might be a critical feature we should be using for this election. 
The person has a different view of what a critical feature is.  He would have bought the unit himself if it were critical.  He is more worried about importing results from a COBOL program he has never seen, than how to stick labels to floppy disks.  He figured anyone concerned about this would hit Office Depot and buy some 2 inch laminate tape or a 99-cent glue stick.
 I don't know the scope of this question.   For starters we don't need the D: drive, and the A: drive should be a flash card.
We should probably post these suggestions to the Hardware Discussion List. 
I did, in June.  You might recall my suggestion for the 1000 Imation drives we bought.
The design intent is to be as close to the AccuVote as possible.  A request for improvements to the design and user interface was sent on 9/21/99 to the support list under the subject "3.10.1 Changes".
Oh and by the way, their rezoning your neighborhood as industrial.  It was in the local newspaper on 9/21/99. 
Was there a 5 minute time limit on requests for improvements or is it still open for suggestions? 
What gave you the impression there was a time limit?  AFAIK, the support list is still operational.  Chen sent in some suggestions yesterday, and my follow up read:

Thanks Rob. We really need feedback like this. 

Did your local newspaper not deliver that day either?