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Re: Creating floppies for TS

An order was placed with shipping/receiving a month ago.  Bar codes on the labels would be nice too.
If you let me know the model/make and who you gave the order to, I will follow up on this.
Has anybody considered the odds of having a relatively loose paper label coming off inside the floppy drive?  Has anybody considered how you would get that piece of paper out of the floppy drive? 
 Yes.  Luckily, PC-Card slots have no moving parts.
You're quite right, but we aren't using the new design yet.
We are coming up on an election using 3.10.x on Model 2 units, which will use floppy disks, not PC cards.  Why did the person who thought to get this label printer never follow up on the order for it when it appears it might be a critical feature we should be using for this election.
I guess we'll have to generate another ECO to cover this one.  Is there anything else we should be including in this third-time build of these units?  Might as well get it over with now. 
 I don't know the scope of this question.   For starters we don't need the D: drive, and the A: drive should be a flash card.
We should probably post these suggestions to the Hardware Discussion List.
Let me rephrase.  What medium (hardware connection) would you use to communicate between a remote AV-TS unit and the GEMS host computer? 
 Through the poll book, typically.
So you wouldn't communicate between a remote AV-TS unit and the GEMS host computer, you would communicate between a remote pollbook and the GEMS host computer.  Thank you.
But of course, GEMS can't handle 56K modems yet. 
 That is an unrelated issue.  GEMS doesn't care what modem the TS has.
So the GEMS side can use 33.6 and the AV-TS can use 56K and there won't be any problems.  I was mistaken in my understanding that it was the use of 56K modems any where in the system that would cause problems.
But perhaps, there are other 33.6 modem cards availble that will work.  I'll try to get in a few samples for testing . 
I understand existing accounts doing modem upload will be using notebooks, so I wouldn't consider it a priority.  It would be nice to know why the 33.6 modems don't work though.
I won't stay up nights worrying about it then, but we'll see if we can figure it out in our spare time.
With the "Version 5" unit being built, you will be able to do remote download from a TS provided it has an (optional) modem installed.
What is "Version 5"?  I've never heard that term used before.  Is that the unit that Tab is designing?  If it is, what happened to "Version 3" and "Version 4"? 
The name is not official.  They are numbered by the different companies who we have sent money to design/build ballot station hardware:
  1. wood kiosk (IMARK)
  2. small black unit (Zycronics)
  3. large black unit (Touch Systems)
  4. white unit (IAS)
  5. foam unit (PDE)  
Is this to be the standard name to refer to it for now?  I really don't care what we call it, as long as we all call it the same thing.  Oh, De ja vu!  Didn't I say that before, some months ago?
So what?  It's a labor intensive task to create memory cards too.  Do our AccuVote customers have more than one machine attached to the GEMS host computer when they are programming memory cards?   
Pardon my ignorance to the process, but perhaps a field support person out there who's had some experience in programming and labelling copious quantities of memory cards can help me to understand the process of running multiple AccuVotes for this purpose.  I'd like to know more.
Has the total package (even the new design) been thought through to cover the logistics of going from an election's start to its finish? 
 No;  we try not to think through our software designs.  Having a design complicates the implementation process.
I thought so.
The design intent is to be as close to the AccuVote as possible.  A request for improvements to the design and user interface was sent on 9/21/99 to the support list under the subject "3.10.1 Changes".
Oh and by the way, their rezoning your neighborhood as industrial.  It was in the local newspaper on 9/21/99.
Was there a 5 minute time limit on requests for improvements or is it still open for suggestions?
If anybody fishes around inside an AV-TS unit and they don't know what they're doing, they may end up with the loose end of a cable in their hands and no clue as to where it came from.  Don't say I didn't warn ya.
Until an external port is furnished, I don't believe people who "don't know what they are doing" have an alternative, loose cables and warnings or no.
There's enough folk out there who do know what they are doing who will take care of the current AV-TS accounts for now.  The afore-mentioned was a note to the others to leave it to those that know.