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RE: Creating floppies for TS

To me, it seems that the floppy drive in the GEMS host computer is a more practical way of programming the floppy diskettes. 
This is a pending RCR.  I assume you have considered the label printing issue.
But seriously folks, 
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  • Is an ethernet connection mandatory for all units, or just for one unit kept beside the host computer? 
Just the one beside the computer, but the machines are supposed to be generic. 
  • If the units are supposed to work so much like an AccuVote, how do you do a remote download to a floppy diskette?  Through the PollBook (which is a standard type computer)? 
Through the ballot station software presently.  The Poll Book should probably also be given this facility. 
  • If you can download vai modem to a remote PollBook, would you not be able to attach a PollBook through a direct serial connection to the GEMS host computer and program the floppy diskettes through that?  
Yes.  You would use the direct modem driver and RAS.
  • Why even use an AV-TS to program floppies when it can only be done via a direct connection to a GEMS host computer and not remotely (pretend all of them have accessible ethernet connections)?  
I would rather pretend some of them have working modems.  It can only not be done remotely because we don't have the skills necessary to make the current TS modem work with 98.  This has nothing to do with the design however.  With the "Version 5" unit being built, you will be able to do remote download from a TS provided it has an (optional) modem installed.
  • Is there a security issue with programming the floppies on the GEMS host computer? 
There is, however, only one floppy drive on the computer.