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Re: Creating floppies for TS

99% of the AV-TS units in the field don't have an accessible ethernet connection.  It's buried inside on the motherboard.  100% of them don't have modems that will work with Windows 98 (which is loaded on everything going out our door today).  Don't you think it might be simpler to download through an accessible port on the AV-TS.  Ah, but wait!  That would be none, unless you can talk to the AV-TS through its external VGA connector.  Everybody's seen the Model 2 units.  There's no surprise that they have nothing for data communications.  All you can do is transfer data through the Imation drive.
I understand the concept of 3.10.x is to create an AV-TS that works more like an AccuVote, but we're talking about programming floppy diskettes, not memory cards.  The AccuVote is the most practical device to program a memory card because a GEMS computer doesn't have a memory card programming device installed into it, but a GEMS computer (whether desktop, tower, or laptop) already has a device built into it for programming floppy diskettes.  To me, it seems that the floppy drive in the GEMS host computer is a more practical way of programming the floppy diskettes.
But seriously folks,
  • Is an ethernet connection mandatory for all units, or just for one unit kept beside the host computer?
  • If the units are supposed to work so much like an AccuVote, how do you do a remote download to a floppy diskette?  Through the PollBook (which is a standard type computer)?
  • If you can download vai modem to a remote PollBook, would you not be able to attach a PollBook through a direct serial connection to the GEMS host computer and program the floppy diskettes through that?
  • Why even use an AV-TS to program floppies when it can only be done via a direct connection to a GEMS host computer and not remotely (pretend all of them have accessible ethernet connections)?
  • Is there a security issue with programming the floppies on the GEMS host computer?
This is not correct.  The AVTS floppies are created by connecting a machine running the ballot station software to the machine running GEMS via a network connection and downloading to the ballot station.
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I have Gems 1.12.4 and AVTSIS 3.10.6 installed.  I understand the TS floppies are created on the host PC and loaded into the TS under Poll Book.  Under the GEMS heading I bring up Program Mem Cards v2, queue the vote centres and start the ports. 
I do not know how to initiate the download to the floppies.

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