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RE: AccuVote-TS testing

> Both the brs file and vhs file are 522kb, and the adt file is
> 876kb.  This puts us right at our Disk on Chip limit of 1.9MB


> Both for Florida, as well as Wyle Labs, perhaps we can install a
> bigger Disk on Chip??

Sure, we could even just store the results in another directory in C (just
change the registry setting).  But of course the whole point of cert (esp in
Florida) is that the *exact* same thing is run at the polls.

> Writing to the Imation Drive is too slow,
> and also has more possibility of failure.

We don't have choice on this for real elections.  We need to write every
vote to the Imation so that when a unit fails, the votes can be retrieved
(like the AccuVote) without intervention by computer jocks with
screwdrivers.  Right now I am fairly amused by the RFP responses we give to
the to the inevitable question:  "What is the poll workers' procedure should
a unit fail election day."

As for speed and reliability, the Imation drive needs to be replaced with PC
card flash memory.  This will be possible shortly when we stop putting the
huge .mdb file on the external storage.