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Re: Modems

What speed could the systems use if the firmware was capable? Is there a problem with the lack of a hardware handshaking line for the modem? How high of a transmission speed can you go using Xon/Xoff protocol?
  Good questions.  I'm afraid I won't have answers until I write the code and try it out.  We do have limitations with the lack of hardware handshaking but we're managing to run at 19.2 kbps for direct connections.  I want to try feeding this through the modem which should be able to handle it with compression enabled.  Unfortunately there is no way for the modem to tell the Accu-Vote to back off so if it can't handle that rate, it'll drop data that the Accu-Vote will have to resend.  I'll just have to run tests and see.  At worst we should be able to run at 9600 bps.

Guy Lancaster <glanca@gesn.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada