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RE: Gaston, NC - Election

> Do I create a new Counter Group, that
> does not use Cumulative Results Only and Card Pct ID's, and
> download that new Vote Center with all Report Precincts
> included??

Yes, you got it.

> Also, how do I create Header Cards??

You don't;  order them from McKinney (Ricke/Piper).  Be forwarned that
almost no one uses precinct header cards though (I can't think of the last
time they were used).  They will in turn call Vancouver and get some made, I

Here's how you use them.  Print out the "Precinct Header Card" report.  If
it isn't on your list, call Whitman and get the lastest crystal report set.
You match up the machine generated header card numbers to your report
precints, and write them on the cards.  Then feed the correct header card
before each precinct.

I think with seven precincts this is all not worth it though.  Program seven
memory cards and swap them out for each precinct.