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Gaston, NC - Election

Hi All,

Hopefully this will be my last questions for setting up the ballot for Gaston, NC.  There is only 1 style ballot.  I have 7 different Report Precincts, which all have this same style.  I want to be able to create one memory card, by using Header Cards for each Report Precinct, that will then read this 1 style ballot and accumulate totals into the Report Precinct according to the Header Card that was run.  Do I create a new Counter Group, that does not use Cumulative Results Only and Card Pct ID's, and download that new Vote Center with all Report Precincts included??  Then when I run the Header Cards thru with their respective Report Precinct ID's, the totals will accumulate accordingly??  Also, how do I create Header Cards??


Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems