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Re: Nichols Lab docs

The documentation requirements for FEC certification through WYLE is a 
Technical Data Package which includes:
*User Guide
*Maintenance Manual
*Hardware Specs
*Software Specs

Additional documentation we sent with I-Mark included a MS Test Script 
and Test Plan, Security Management Overview, and FEC Compliance Doc.

If you are only taking software to Nichols I would assume that those 
docs related to hardware would not apply.  I am FedExing the entire set 
of documentation to Larry today.  


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>In point of fact, the user documentation MUST be completed before =
>attempting certification.  It is my understanding that the 
documentation =
>is a certification requirement.  I don't know how closely Nichols will 
>scrutinize the documentation, but I wouldn't feel comfortable going =
>forward with certification with what we have for GEMS.  Ostensibly, the 
>documentation we submit to Nichols will become the "certified" =
>documentation and we ostensibly shouldn't provide anything but that to 
>customers.  But then again, with regards to the entire NASED =
>certification process, I can never quite get a handle on the =
>relationship between "ostensible" and "reality", but what of that... 
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>    Date: Monday, February 15, 1999 1:16 PM
>    Subject: RE: Nichols Lab
>   =20
>   =20
>        Do we intend to present GEMS software to Nichols Labs for =
>certification purposes? If so, please indicate the time frame for the =
>        =20
>        My query relates to both Georgia and Florida certifications of 
>    Good question.  The obvious answer is "yes", but I don't really 
know =
>what the time frame is.  My feeling is that adding support for the =
>AccuTouch and AccuVote 2.0 as well as the user documentation should be 
>completed before attempting any certification.  That means a few months 
>at best.  I would also like to see some internal-cleanups before any =
>source code is submitted, but I doubt we will be allowed the time to do 
>that.  Appreciate that the developers aren't necessarily be in control 
>of the certification process (perhaps by their nature no one is :-).
>    =20
>    I am not even completely clear on who is "in charge" of the =
>certification process.  This might be a good question for Larry.  John, 
>if you (or anyone else) find more definitive information on this, 
please =
>let us know.
>   =20
>    Ken

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