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Re: Nichols Lab

In point of fact, the user documentation MUST be completed before attempting certification.  It is my understanding that the documentation is a certification requirement.  I don't know how closely Nichols will scrutinize the documentation, but I wouldn't feel comfortable going forward with certification with what we have for GEMS.  Ostensibly, the documentation we submit to Nichols will become the "certified" documentation and we ostensibly shouldn't provide anything but that to customers.  But then again, with regards to the entire NASED certification process, I can never quite get a handle on the relationship between "ostensible" and "reality", but what of that... :-)
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From: Ken Clark <ken@gesn.com>
To: support@gesn.com <support@gesn.com>
Date: Monday, February 15, 1999 1:16 PM
Subject: RE: Nichols Lab

Do we intend to present GEMS software to Nichols Labs for certification purposes? If so, please indicate the time frame for the same.
My query relates to both Georgia and Florida certifications of GEMS.
Good question.  The obvious answer is "yes", but I don't really know what the time frame is.  My feeling is that adding support for the AccuTouch and AccuVote 2.0 as well as the user documentation should be completed before attempting any certification.  That means a few months at best.  I would also like to see some internal-cleanups before any source code is submitted, but I doubt we will be allowed the time to do that.  Appreciate that the developers aren't necessarily be in control of the certification process (perhaps by their nature no one is :-).
I am not even completely clear on who is "in charge" of the certification process.  This might be a good question for Larry.  John, if you (or anyone else) find more definitive information on this, please let us know.