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RE: Piedmont Election - Uploading results and Network connections

Hello, Tom
1)TCP/IP Binds differently between NT and 95.  On occasion the 95 box will 
hold the TCP/IP | NetBEUI binding even after you have removed NetBEUI. 
 This renders TCP/IP useless. You have to remove and re-install TCP/IP and 
hope after the 2nd-3rd time it works. This can be quite frustrating.

2)Stay away from DNS, and DHCP.  This adds overhead to the Server. For the 
smaller Elections stay with static IP's.
When you have more than 10 Accutouches, you can "start" to think about 
Dynamic IP's.

3)I think Jeff's problem has more to do with the Hub he has bought.  Just a 
thought.  He can ping himself on both the Accutouch as well as the Server. 
 But not both.

Mike Brown

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I am heading out to help Jeff this morning resolve these problems if I can.
I agree that he should kill the netbuei, ipx/spx, etc. although each
protocol has specific uses and shouldn't conflict with TCP/IP.  I think the
real issue is how the TCP/IP address is resolved.  DNS, DHCP, and plain 
lookup can be used.  I think just hardcoding the IPs and resolving them via
hosts table will be the most expedient solution.
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Subject: RE: Piedmont Election - Uploading results and Network connections

>> Wins numbers.  The Server is set up with TCP/IP, NetBEUI, and
>> NWLink IPX/SPX / Netbios, ID is Gems and Workgroup is Dilbert, IP
>On a slight tangent to this thread, GEMS servers should be set up with the
>TCP/IP protocol only.  It is possible to run other stacks, however doing 
>can cause strange interactions with domain name lookups, and can cause
>traffic to be sent over the RAS connection.  On a LAN, performance is much
>better if you just run TCP/IP.