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Re: Piedmont Election - Uploading results and Network connections

I am heading out to help Jeff this morning resolve these problems if I can.
I agree that he should kill the netbuei, ipx/spx, etc. although each
protocol has specific uses and shouldn't conflict with TCP/IP.  I think the
real issue is how the TCP/IP address is resolved.  DNS, DHCP, and plain host
lookup can be used.  I think just hardcoding the IPs and resolving them via
hosts table will be the most expedient solution.
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Date: Monday, February 15, 1999 9:04 AM
Subject: RE: Piedmont Election - Uploading results and Network connections

>> Wins numbers.  The Server is set up with TCP/IP, NetBEUI, and
>> NWLink IPX/SPX / Netbios, ID is Gems and Workgroup is Dilbert, IP
>On a slight tangent to this thread, GEMS servers should be set up with the
>TCP/IP protocol only.  It is possible to run other stacks, however doing so
>can cause strange interactions with domain name lookups, and can cause
>traffic to be sent over the RAS connection.  On a LAN, performance is much
>better if you just run TCP/IP.