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Piedmont Election

>I have downloaded the latest Ballot Station.exe that Tom Goetzinger has put
up on the ftp site.  I just finished talking with Larry Ensminger and we
both would like to know when we will have the final software for both the
Ballot Station and for Poll Book.  The equipment is scheduled to ship on
Wednesday of this week, to be there by the 16th, when I am scheduled to go
out and set up for the L&A testing.  The Ballot Station software now has the
3 different options for transferring totals.  I think we need to put Ballot
Station back to just transferring to disk like before, and putting into Poll
Book the 3 options for transferring.  Please let us know, so we can try to
get the equipment loaded with the final software before shipping.
>Jeff Hintz
>Global Election Systems

This message should have gone to the devel or support list not the RCR.

As for your question.  I will put the original transfer method back in the
Ballot station and setup the poll book to support the three methods of doing
transfer.  We hope to have this working sometime tomorrow.