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Piedmont Election Assignments

Hi All,

Assignments for Piedmont, CA., March 2, 1999 Election:

Pct 280100	Beach School						Jane Barth
		100 Lake Avenue

Pct 280500	Community Hall						Bob Urosevich 
Pct 281300	Community Hall						Juan Rivera
		711 Highland Avenue

Pct 280700	Piedmont Police Dept.				FK/SK/HVP/JH
		403 Highland Avenue

Pct 281000	Corpus Christi Church				Tari Runyan
		322 Saint James Drive

Pct 281700	Piedmont Neighborhood Church		Robert Chen		
		1300 Grand Avenue

Please plan to arrive no later than 1:00 pm, Monday, March 1, 1999.

Hotel arrangements can be made through Pam at Bolack Travel.

Thanks for everyone's help.

(I would suggest email AND fax to McKinney)

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems