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Fw: AVTS Early Voting

Maybe one of the sales gurus knows the answer.
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Sent: Monday, June 12, 2000 1:55 PM
Subject: AVTS Early Voting

AccuVote site in California wants to buy 3 early voting avts units.  Given that one of them is VIBS unit with audio, with California size ballot, wouldn't this exceed 1.44mb?  If so, is our design to utilize one of the three Ballot stations and link to GEMS via ethernet to create the diskettes?
If these need to be the larger Imation diskettes - how will the pollbook (in Tulare or Fresno) be able to build an election database given it does not have ethernet or larger diskette capability?
Maybe this isn't a problem.  Could someone indicate in simple terms please how the laptop pollbook gets the election database on it to create voter cards without ethernet or imation drive, given what seems like will be an election larger than 1.44mb.  I guess I'm assuming that the audio is on all diskettes?? Is this true?  I guess my assumption is that dbs will exceed 1.44mb.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Comments.