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Re: Pollbook Function

Our competitors probably have the same sort of stuff flying through their email system as well.
My attitude is fostered by years of the Global experience.  I'm too young to be so cynical, but so be it.
If ADA is more than booth design, then create a list of criterion for Tab that actually stipulates the highlights of what is ADA compliant.  Nobody learns if nothing is said about it.  Put your two cents worth in now!  If you wait any longer, then what we deliver is what you will get.  The booth is being designed right now!
I also was referring to a voting system, not a pollbook.
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Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: Pollbook Function

I hope our competitors do not read our mail.  What an attitiude we have.
Cathy and I saw a product that is neatly packaged, weighs 7.5 lbs., ADA compliant in all catagories and is priced right.  All this from inception to market in twelve months.  Those of us at IACREOT will get to see it.  Comments should be interesting.
ADA is far more than booth design.
I am referring to a voting system, not a poll book however in the above comments.
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Date: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 9:22 AM
Subject: Re: Pollbook Function

A simple pollbook, eh?  What skill level, if any, do pollworkers have that they can operate any pollbook device.  It sounds like these people would have problems operating an ATM.  Any pollbook device will require some training and skill level to operate.  It'll have more than a numeric keypad on it.
ADA compliance for the booth shouldn't be a problem.  An integrated booth can have a different set of legs attached to it allowing a wheelchair to roll under the booth and also have it set at the proper height for access from a wheelchair.  Tab is aware of that criteria for the booth design.
Hundreds to thousands for testing?  It won't be given the chance.  As usual, these things will be sold into accounts prior to any beta testing.  And I don't believe that Global will spend a million dollars on producing a batch of test equipment just to have it trashed and given away.  It'll probably spend that million on supporting the product while it's being fully developed in the field. 
The alpha testing will have to show the bugs.  Unless we hire a half dozen testing personnel this week, everybody (including sales staff) is going to have to test these units.  With the election season upon us, support staff (field and in-house) aren't going to have oodles of time to sit there and play with this new unit.  So whoever gets their hands on a prototype, when they become available, they'd better put it through its paces.  Otherwise, don't come crying...
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Sent: Monday, June 05, 2000 5:26 PM
Subject: Re: Pollbook Function

I agree that the cirrent pollbook is too complicated for most poll workers and can attest to it personally.  Since many counties do not have employees working Early Voting, it is also too difficult for Early Voting workers (same as poll workers and normally at least 75 years of age).

The only problem I have with the integrated booth approach is the fact that many states will need to comply to ADA accessibility standards so most of the competitors booths are not a good place to start in booth design.  Texas is the first in mandating these standards for the handicapped and we have used a regular 6 foot table with one unit and a table top secrecy booth (the regulare units are three to a table).  This may not be the best solution but it beats the heck out of the self contained booths of some of our competitors.  Consequently, if we design an integrated booth concept, it must address all the ADA requirements that will be sweeping the other states shortly!

I totally agree with the testing procedures and hardware to test hundreds/thousands of units in a timely manner.  Also, I agree that we need input from the field personnel that have run these elections to insure that we as a company do not miss some important issues in this new design that will bite us all in the butt later!

Steve Knecht wrote:

  After several discussions with Tab, Frank and Deborah the pollbook issue remains problematic.  Frank, Deborah, and I believe that a laptop with a card burner is NOT a viable option for pollworkers.  It is cumbersome and generally is too complicated for most pollworkers.  It may work fine in an early voting environment, but in the precinct we need something much simpler.  In early voting we can train staff. In the precinct, we need a turn on, turn off card burner unit (maybe it has its own pcmcia card so it knows what styles it can burn).  Maybe the laptop pollbook unit is in CE and will boot directly into the application and effectively do what I'm suggesting.  I don't know. The AccuVote-TS is one piece of our new voting system.  The system must include:
  • smart card burner (easy to use pollbook application)
  • integrated booth
  • testing procedures and hardware to test hundreds or thousands of units.
I would like to see some folks in development, management, and field sales re-look at these issues to insure that all the requirements of this new product are being considered.