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Fw: Global Users Groups

Thanks Steve, I appreciate your comments.  There are four natural "regional" areas in Ontario.  It is probably worth the effort to create four groups. 
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Sent: June 29, 1999 9:17 PM
Subject: Re: Global Users Groups

User's Groups are a fact of life, but do little to help the vendor.  I say this after 20 years in these types of businesses.  Generally, it is a good indication that the company has grown, and user's groups will generally sniff out the weaknesses and go for the juggular vein when they get a chance.  There are definite elements that you want to set up:
  • annual meeting
  • some board of customers that is in charge of running meeetings so company doesn't have to spend alot of time planning, setting up meals, etc.  In other words, they've got to take responsibility for it to be a success, and they've got to pay for getting there, hotels, etc.  Informal groups at first meeting at one of the customer sites is most likely scenario of regional group.  It's the "national" groups that get tough to handle.  Keep it local and make them take responsibility for alot of it.  Just my suggestion.
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From: Greg Forsythe <gfglobal@earthlink.net>
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Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 6:32 AM
Subject: Global Users Groups

A number of Global customers in Ontario have suggested forming a Global Users Group. 
Do we have user groups in other areas?  If so, would you reply with contacts or even better suggestions as to how these were set up, the benefit for the present users and the attraction of future customers to a users group.
Thank you
Greg Forsythe