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FW: Out of Touch

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From:	John McLaurin [SMTP:asailsman@earthlink.net]
Sent:	Sunday, May 02, 1999 6:24 PM
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Subject:	Out of Touch

Mary, Josh, Scott and I moved this weekend with great success excluding Ma Bell's land line installations.  It appears I will be without FAX for a minimum of week.  I will advise when the line is installed and back on line.  The office number remains the same 904-672-0470.  The fax number should stay the same as well.
Currently my email address is as above, not jmglobal@earthlink.net.  If you have been sending me mail at jmglobal it has not and will not reach me.  I anticipate this too will change in the very near future and will advise accordingly.
Finally,  my beeper number is inactive at this time due to a loss of the same during the move. I will advise accordingly once it rears it's ugly head.
Happy Spring one and all.

John McLaurin
40 Sandalwood Lane
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174