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Re: New Generation AccuVote - AT Improvements

Mickey wrote:

My question would be "Who had real input to the first three versions of this product?" My advice would be to establish a advisory group and have real input before we commit $$$$ into a unit. As everyone is aware all "wish list items" can't be included however serious design defects could be caught before the die is cast so to speak.

Advisory groups (aka committees) are great for making sure every aspect of a project is covered from different perspectives, but they also delay projects.  Trying to get a concensus from a committee that is on the road most of the year, creates an even bigger delay to progress.
A committee can work if say a delegate is chosen from each department by each department (sounds democratic doesn't it) and everybody in each department stands behind what their delegate decides in committee.  This all sounds great, but just remember that everybody has their own point of view, which may not agree with the chosen delegate's view.  Also remember that there exists a veto power (Howard).
I think we have a forum here (the salestalk email) that works quite well.  Everybody gets a chance to put in their two cents worth, and ideas which have merit, are responded to positively by everybody else.  Those ideas without merit are squashed, but don't let that stop you from submitting ideas.  All ideas and responses are seen by those making the decisions in the design of this new product, so they get a feel for what is needed and not needed.  In reverse, design criterion and specifications are submitted to everybody for their review and comments, so all get a chance to see what has been created so far.
In the name of progress, let's not delay the project with a committee.