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    Current Faculty


Jack Mostow (Director) – Research Professor, Robotics, Language Technologies, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Program in Interdisciplinary Educational Research

Kai-min Chang – Research Associate, Language Technologies Institute


Al Corbett – Senior Research Scientist, Human-Computer Interaction Institute


Nell Duke – Professor of Teacher Education and Educational Psychology and Co-director of the Literacy Achievement Research Center (LARC) at Michigan State University


Margaret McKeown – Senior Scientist at Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) and Clinical Professor at School of Education, University of Pittsburgh


Jessica Nelson – Postdoctoral Fellow, Language Technologies Institute


Paula J. Schwanenflugel – Professor of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology, University of Georgia


Christina Trotochaud – Elementary School Title One Teacher, Grand Ledge Public Schools


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    Current Staff

Donna Gates – Language Technologist

2008-08-11 Donna_Gates_cropped.jpg

Octavio Juarez-Espinosa – Scientific/Technological Specialist

Octavio cropped

Martin Kantorzyk – Software Quality Assurance Specialist

Martin Kantorzyk002-CROPPED.JPG

Lynnetta Miller – Administrative Assistant 


Joe Valeri - Materials Developer

Anders Weinstein – Research Programmer

2008-08-18 Anders Weinstein_cropped.JPG

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Current Students

陳縕儂 Vivian Chen – Language Technologies master’s student

2012-04-23 Chen_Yunnung_Vivian.jpg

José González-Brenes – Language Technologies PhD student

Gonzalez_Jose from LTI page.jpg

Hyeju Jang – Language Technologies PhD student


Yuanpeng Li – Language Technologies master’s, 2011

Li_Yuanpeng from LTI page.jpg

Mdahaduzzaman Munna – Language Technologies master’s, 2012

Sunayana Sitaram – Language Technologies PhD student

Lucas Tan – Computer Science undergrad, class of 2012

2009-09-09 Lucas-Tan-smiling-cropped.jpg

Yanbo Xu – Language Technologies PhD student

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    Distinguished Advisory Board

Christopher Dede, Chair of Learning and Teaching and Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Louis Gomez, Professor of Learning Sciences and Computer Science, Northwestern University

Philip Gough, Barbara Pierce Bush Regents Professor in Liberal Arts, University of Texas

Brian Junker, Professor and Associate Head of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University

Mark Lepper, Professor and Chair of Psychology, Stanford University

Rollanda O'Connor - Professor, School of Education, University of California at Riverside

Richard Olson, Professor of Psychology, University of Colorado

Charles Perfetti, Professor and Chair of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh

Janet Schofield, Professor of Psychology and Senior Scientist at LRDC, University of Pittsburgh

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Recent and Previous LISTENers

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This Web site was redesigned and reimplemented in December 2002 with the help of Daniel Mulvihill, Ronolee Ciocco, and Alexis Dave.

 Xiaonan's last day003.JPGAugust 2008:  Liu, Wei, and Minh with Xiaonan.

2008-05-21 Xiaonan Zhang grad IMG_1489.JPGMay 2008:  Xiaonan Zhang graduates.


Peng, Joe, and Jack all shaking hands

November 2002: Co-advisors Joe Beck and Jack Mostow present Peng Jia with headgear to celebrate her completed Master's project in educational data mining. 

May 2002: Brian Tobin gets Project LISTEN's Golden Dice Award before leaving for grad school at Stanford. Brian analyzed data for many of the studies on the poster. 

11/2/01 Dr. Greg Aist receives Project LISTEN's Rocket Scientist Award before leaving for new job at NASA.

12/12/2000: Greg Aist defends PhD thesis on "Helping Children Learn Vocabulary during Computer-Assisted Oral Reading"

12/12/2000: Project LISTEN's first-ever Golden Headset Award, presented to Educational Research Field Coordinator Mary Beth Sklar.  Her successor, Susan Rossbach, received a similar award in July 2002.

2/22/01: Congratulations to Dr. Albert Corbett on winning the Allen Newell Medal for Research Excellence! 

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