Kristin Williams

I am a PhD student at the Human Computer Interaction Institute in Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science.

An Upcycled IoT:
What if programming cutting-edge technologies were so approachable anyone could imbue them with their own meanings and ways of life? Today’s families use household objects to organize and manage daily life in idiosyncratic ways that resist generalization and differ from family to family. If the Internet of Things (IoT) is to fit with these idiosyncratic arrangements, it will need to be customizable, lightweight, and substantially cheaper (perhaps even <$0.10). To enable this kind of IoT, I use emerging techniques in backscatter communication to create a battery-free and wireless user interface that incorporates existing possessions into an IoT ecosystem through interactive stickers. Instead of replacing everyday objects in favor of internet-enabled equivalents (e.g., a smart bulb for a lightbulb), my work allows existing possessions to be upcycled with IoT: like giving an old, favorite teddy bear a friendly, voice interface. As a human computer interaction (HCI) researcher, I enable an Upcycled IoT by both studying how households use everyday objects and building lightweight, customizable technology to integrate with these possessions.

I am advised by Scott Hudson and Jess Hammer. I am also part of the wonderful research groups the Devlab and the OH! Lab.

I am thrilled to announce that I have accepted an Assistant Professor position at Emory University's Computer Science department!

I am looking for students who want to contribute to creating an Upcycled IoT. This includes students who will be enrolled at Emory in the Fall or those who would like to apply to the master's or PhD program. Please get in touch if this sounds like you.

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