Current Research Theme:

Mobile Cloud Computing & IoT Services

Research Interests:

Ubiquitous cloud computing, IoT, distributed systems, context-aware and self-adaptive systems, mobile and cloud services.

Pervasive and ubiquitous computing is the trend towards connecting people with their environments, in which mobile devices and embedded sensors play a pivotal role. Services and software architectures that are developed for mobile services lack a comperhensive understanding of the different constraints of mobile environments and user needs. We focus on revolutionizing mobile and cloud services through:

(1) Augmenting mobile service provisioning using the cloud. We take advantage of the elastic resource provisioning of cloud computing to augment the capability of mobile service providers and bridge the gap between limited mobile resources and increasing application demands. I explore innovative methods for computation offloading to bridge the gap between limited resources and increasing demands.
(2) Building context awareness into mobile and cloud services.We leverage the use of context information and user preferences to personalize mobile and cloud services and provide superior user experience. We desgin and develop architectures and techniques that are capable of incorporating user context to provide reliable and personalized services.

We also address quality assurance and data management in mobile sensing Big Data. Prime challenges that are currently investigated include recruitment and allocation of data sources, data cleaning, data fusion, scamming detection, and query semantics and optimization.