Assignment 4: Pitch



Select one service from Assignment 3. Create a 2-minute video sketch of your service. It should explain to potential customers, investors, and employees what the service is and why it is worthy of their interest. It should

Š      show the service in action, and


Learning Objectives

Š      Skill at creating video sketches

Š      Persuasion


Grading Criteria

Clarity of service: 30%

Persuasiveness: 40%

              Style of video sketch 30%


Process hints

1.     Decide the service immediately and the general process for interaction with it.

2.     Look at some sample sketches from 2011: Aparto, Crowgle, Promote, and MediTrack. Note that these are good and were done by teams of graduates students who had more experience than most of you; so don’t stress.

3.     Write the script. It should have an intro that describes the gist and then several vignettes that illustrate how various stakeholders engage with and gain value from the system. See Favor Net Script for a sample second draft of a script.

4.     Create a sketch story board that provides a sense of the images you want with the script. The story board and the script should be done together, at the same time. See Favor Net Story Board for a sample draft of a script.

5.     Select music for each scene that captures the general mood/tone you wish to achieve

6.     Record the audio. Avoid using the poor quality mic built into most laptops. Mics on video cameras are often pretty good. Try to record in a quite room with carpet and other soft surfaces. Play back the audio track while looking at your sketched storyboard to test if the images work with the story. Tweak both images and dialog until it works.

7.     Take the pictures based on your storyboard. Remember to only use your camera in landscape and too shoot extra wide.

8.     Put pictures and dialog together using any of the following: video tools Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Apple Final Cut. Suggested resolution/format is HDV 720p at 30 frames per second (1280x720). Lay down the audio first, then add in images and tweak the timing.

9.     Add in music and tweak levels so the dialog can be heard.

10. When you have a rough cut you like (good timing of stills and audio) them add in additional audio effects and add movement to the images.



Place the items in the team’s Dropbox™ folder by midnight 4/4. Also fill out the surveys you will be mailed.