Join Us!

We are actively looking for people to join! ✊ We are looking for graduate students with strong backgrounds in 1) the formal aspects of programming languages and 2) building realistic systems and tools. Students are not required to be strong in both, though we would like students to have an interest in both. We are also open to inquiries from strong postdoctoral candidates and motivated undergraduate students.

Programming Languages at Carnegie Mellon

CMU has a large and active Principles of Programming group that we are a part of. The School of Computer Science PhD application is here. The application deadline for 2018 admissions is December 14, 2017.

Applying to Graduate School

Jean has compiled the following advice on applying for a PhD in computer science:

  1. Deciding to Apply
  2. Standardized Tests
  3. Fellowships
  4. Applications
  5. School Visits
  6. Some notes on picking grad schools/advisors
  7. FAQ: Applying to Graduate School for Computer Science

Life in Academia

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Why Pittsburgh Is the Place to Be

Pittsburgh is not just affordable and liveable, but also newly hip 🔥. Why wouldn't you want to be here?

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