The Unofficial Web Page for the Mobile Device Programming Lab for 2012
with David Nassar, Jim Roberts, and David Kosbie

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The calendar is out of wack due to some scheduling circumstances. We will stick close to this order but be surprised if the readings and actuall class work does not match exactly.
Week #0

Week #1
- Intro to Coding -- Draw a Picture

Week #2
- Intro to Variables and Arithmetic
- A Movable figure

Week #3
- Using Images
- Defining Our Own Function
- Wrapping Motion

- Bouncing Motion

Week #4
- Collision Detection
- User Control of the Motion
Week #5
- Displaying Text
- Keeping Score
- Keeping Tack of time
Week #6
- A Peek at What Else Processing Can Do
- Adding Sound to the Game
- What to Do Next
- Sharing Your Work

Class Notes:
Week #1
Week #2
Week #3
Week #4
Week #5
Week #6

Class Code Examples:
Week #1 - House
Week #2 - House with moving clouds, moving ellipse, and a moving picture
Week #3 - Bouncing and Wrapping code
Week #4 - Mouse Control and Collision code
Week #5 - A Complete Game: Collisions Detection and Counting and a Timer
Week #5 - Mars Enhanced Game: Contains Student Suggestions for More "Interesting" Play
Week #6 Mars Enhanced Game with Sound
Sound Demos: record and play

Mail to Jim Roberts:
You can send mail using this link. Use the words "App Lab" in the subject line.

Processing API

Dowloading The Sofware (Processing)

If you want to run your code on an Android device or in the Android emulator, you need to download the Android SDK (talk to us on Wednesday) and you need to scroll down to the section marked Pre-Releases and download version 2.0 Beta 5 choosing your operating system. If you are using a Windows machine, do not choose "without java" because you need Java.

Note that on a Mac, you must be using System 10.6.8 or later to use the Beta version. You can use the last Alpha version on older Mac OS OS sysems. This is what we used last year and it worked well.

If you just want to write the program to run on your computer, use version 1.5.1 for your operating system.

Talk to us in class if you have questions