Below are various small compositions I have created. They range from polkas to jazz to who knows what. Each song is in at least one of the formats.  Below is an explanation of each format.
  • MIDI 
This is the best sound and the smallest file, but they were written for a SoundBlaster AWE32 Sound card, if you don't have at least a card of this quality then music will sound stranger than it already is. In addition, you will need to have at least Netscape 3.0 or Internet explorer 3.0.


  • Real Audio 
Good quality, but you need at least the Real Audio plugin.
  • WAV
**Coming Soon** Better quality than the Real Audio files, but takes much longer to load.

Penguins Are Practically Chickens

A jazz blues for all you who sat around after school and watch Bugs Bunny!! 
MIDI  Real Audio
Spy vs. Spy (To Be Continued) 
A unfinished piece to be finished if I ever get my own spy show!! 
MIDI  Real Audio

The Dreams of a Carnie Person

What I think the employees of Barnums & Baileys must hear when they go to bed at night!! 

MIDI  Real Audio

Uncle Steve's Playground
Theme song for my early morning television show!! 
MIDI  RealAudio
Chicken Liver Polka 
A little polka from my Midwestern roots!! 
MIDI  Real Audio
Picaso Soup
A Spanish flavor without good explanation!!

MIDI  Real Audio

Edwin Staplefoot 
Another unfinished piece of strange proportions!! 
MIDI  Real Audio