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Ivan Ruchkin

@ Carnegie Mellon

iruchkin at cs dot cmu dot edu
Office: Wean Hall 4105
Phone: (412) 268-2491


During my time at Carnegie Mellon, I have contributed to several undergraduate and graduate courses (see the list below) and mentored multiple students (see the CV in my vitae).

Since teaching has been so inspiring to me, I have completed the Eberly Center's Future Faculty Program. This program helped me develop my personal teaching philosophy of learning games, which you can read about in my teaching statement.


Foundations of Software Engineering 15-313

Roles: guest lecturer, volunteer contributor.
Semesters: Fall 2014.
Students: juniors and seniors, mostly majors in computer science and electrical and computer engineering.
Responsibilities: co-creating a unit devoted to software design and architecture, giving a lecture, creating a homework assignment.

Architectures for Software Systems 17-655

Roles: teaching assistant, volunteer contributor.
Semesters: Spring 2013, Spring 2014.
Students: masters in software engineering.
Responsibilities: updating assignments and reading questions, grading, giving lectures and recitations, holding office hours.

Models of Software Systems 17-651

Role: volunteer contributor.
Semester: Fall 2013, Fall 2014.
Students: masters in software engineering.
Responsibilities: designing and improving a unit on Alloy, giving lectures, creating homeworks.

Principles of Software Construction 15-214

Role: teaching assistant.
Semester: Fall 2012.
Students: sophomores and juniors in computer science and electrical engineering, non-majors.
Responsibilities: creating and updating assignments, grading, coordinating students and TAs, giving recitations and labs, holding office hours. 

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