Welcome to the Home of Tom "HonuS" Wagner

I'm Mea Ph.D. student at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.  I'm a TA for 15-211 (if it is after the spring semester of 1999 then I'm no longer the TA for 211, I just haven't updated my web page).  Students of the class might be trying to find me.  If you are an ICQ type person, see my ICQ pager.

Previous to my return to school, I worked on NetBill, a research project of the Information Networking Institute, where I had previously gotten my Master's degree. While working on NetBill I became an inventor on a patent.   Unfortunately, I spent money like I'd be working forever, so I'm really feeling the crunch now.  Anyone need some consulting?

Too many meetings with undergradsBefore attending CMU, I received my BS in computer science from Penn State. I started in Secondary Education at main campus, but after 3.5 years of classes and 8 weeks of student teaching I decided teaching has too many down sides (it sucked) and switched my major to computer science, and my campus to Penn State Harrisburg. There is nothin' like resetin' the old GPA after 4 years of classes you hated.

I was a DJ on WRCT, 88.3 FM (the CMU station). You can see play lists from dev/void, which is the show I co-hosted over the summer of 94. I first dj'ed at WPSH at Penn State Harrisburg. A much smaller station at a smaller university but still a lot of fun. Who cares if we were only carrier current, an no one was listening? I did another show on RCT in the summer of 97 with Tobin. Go to his pages to check out some stories from our show.

Why the nickname Honus?   Well for those in the baseball know, you probably think I'm a big fan of the sport.   Actually I think it's kinda boring (I like hockey myself, even if my favorite team is bankrupt).  As you've probably noticed by now, Honus Wagner and I share the same last name.  During a social studies class in high school, someone asked me if we were related, I said he was my uncle, the teacher of that classed like giving people nicknames, the rest is history. 

I thought I wouldn't hear it again after high school, but Tom is a pretty common name.  When I got to college and there were two other Tom's on my floor, people were looking for something else to call me, someone saw me log into Quantum Link as Honus (there were already 5000 other people using the nick Dr. Who), so the nickname stuck.   Note that I pronounce it with a long o (Hoe-nus) even though it really should be pronounced with a short o, like the word "on."  No one even realized we were miss pronouncing it until I got to Pittsburgh.  When I got the nickname, I had no idea I would ever end up in Pittsburgh.

If you still want to know more about me, I've got some pictures and stuff.

A lot of the interesting html/http type stuff I've done is on The Void. Check out BlueDog, she's my favorite. More stuff is planned (as in when Ben and I find time to flesh out our ideas) but I've moved on to other things besides the web, so it will probably be a long time before I do any more cool HTML or CGI stuff. Of course, you might not think any of the stuff I've done so far is cool. But hey, I did most of it in 1994. You're lucky this page has a background, so quit your complainin'. 

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