Photo of Hanan Hibshi

Hanan Hibshi

Office: INI Building- INI 123
Phone: 412-268-4885
Email: hhibshi [at] cmu [dot] edu

About Me

I am a research and teaching scientist who obtained a PhD from the Societal Computing program at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in October 2018. In May 2011, I got my Masters degree in Information Security Technology & Management from the Information Networking Institute (INI) at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to my life as a CMU student, I worked as a Teaching Assistant in King Abdul-Aziz University for one year. I had also worked in the banking industry for almost 4 years.

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I am a software requirements engineering researcher with applications in security. My work is in the intersection between software engineering, security, and psychology. I am interested in studying expert decision-making in the design and post-deployment phases of software development, where I try to model human knowledge to create human-centric technical solutions that conform to the real-world reasoning.

Currently, I am working with Dr. Travis Breaux in the Requirements Engineering Laboratory at CMU . We work primarily on security requirements where we aim to make security requirements more usable by experts, developers, and systems engineers. This research area is very interdisciplinary in nature combining theories and practices from areas like: psychology, decision science, computer security, information sciences, fuzzy logic and others.

Our research is funded by the National Security Agency (NSA), Office of Naval Research, and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in the UK.

Teaching and Mentoring

I served as a teaching assistant for two graduate-level courses: engineering privacy in software and privacy, policy, law and technology. I am also a mentor to students in the Societal Computing, Software Engineering programs and INI@CMU programs.