I am an Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University with joint appointments in the Machine Learning Department and the Institute for Software, Systems, and Society. I am also affiliated with the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, CyLab, and Block Center at CMU, and I co-lead the university-wide Responsible AI Initiative.

I am broadly interested in the Societal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. For more information, please take a look at my bio, CV (last updated Aug 2022), Google Scholar profile, and the Research section of this page.

I currently advise the following doctoral students: Michael Feffer (co-advised with Zack Lipton), Rebecca Yu.

If you are interested in working with me, I currently have graduate internships and a postdoctoral position available. Prospective doctoral students should directly apply to the appropriate graduate program at CMU (e.g., Machine Learning, Societal Computing, or Public Policy).

My work has been generously supported by the NSF Program on Fairness in AI in Collaboration with Amazon, PwC, CyLab, Meta, and J. P. Morgan.




  • Machine Learning, Ethics, and Society (10-613/713): Spring 2023
  • Mathematical foundations of ML (10-606): Fall 2022
  • Computational foundations of ML (10-607): Fall 2022
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models (10-708): Spring 2022
  • Machine Learning, Ethics, and Society (10-613/713): Fall 2021
  • Fairness, Explainability, and Accountability for Machine Learning (10-712): Spring 2019, Fall 2020

Selected Service Activities