How to turn in homework

Homework should be turned in at the beginning of the class on the day it is due.

Homework #1


Homework #2

Homework #3

Homework #4

Homework #5

Final Exam

  • Out: December 3rd (Wed)
  • Due: December 10th at NOON (STRICT DEADLINE)
  • Exam PDF
  • Exam tex

Extra Credit for Finding Bugs!

Since 10708 is always a fast-evolving class, there are going to be some bugs in the homeworks. We do our best to find them, but often new things come up. We realize that everyone wastes time when there are bugs. So, we are going to give extra credit to people who find bugs and problems with the homeworks. Of course, the amount of credit will be proportional to the seriousness of the problem. If you find a misspelled word, then you may get nothing. If you find a confusing typo in an equation you will be more points. If you figure out the entire question is broken, then we will bow in shame and give you even more points. Of course, the first person to find the bug will get the points... :) (Another incentive to start early!)

Fine print: the instructors reserve the right to decide how much extra credit to give, and the amount will be decided on an a case by case basis. You will get an email from us if you get extra credit.