Mark C. Fuhs Me
Doctoral Candidate Computer Science Department Carnegie Mellon University

After taking this picture purely by accident, I've decided I rather like it. However, since posting it in various locales, several people have asked me "Why don't you show the other side of your face?"

My responses have varied. "Seeing the right side triggers a seizure secondary to my diagnosis of Body Dismorphic Disorder." "The other side was violently disfigured in a sky diving accident." Or, most commonly, "Why bother? The other side looks the same."

Despite making this last claim repeatedly, I had no idea how well one could really reconstruct a person's whole face from just one side (taken at an odd angle). Late one night, my friend Beth and I decided to find out. After a few minutes of tooling around in Photoshop, here's her quick-and-dirty reconstruction:

Me, Reconstructed

The proportions are definitely somewhat off in an odd way that I can't quite describe. But, overall, pretty impressive!