15-819K Logic Programming

Individual lecture notes handed out in class are listed on the course schedule page. Here are the complete set and some additional supporting papers. To avoid copyright issues, these are posted for CMU access only.

Lecture Notes

[P06] Frank Pfenning.
Logic Programming.
Collected notes from 27 lectures, 324pp., December 2006.

Papers and Reports

[M02] David McAllester.
On the Complexity Analysis of Static Analyses.
JACM, 49(4):512-537, 2002.
Revised version
[MACL05] John Whaley and Dzintars Avots and Michael Carbin and Monica S. Lam.
Using Datalog and Binary Decision Diagrams for Program Analysis.
Proceedings of the 3rd Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems (APLAS'05),
Tsukuba, Japan, pp.97-118, Springer LNCS 3780, Nov 2005.

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Frank Pfenning